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About Drain4You

Drain4You office

Drain4You - Main office Netherlands

Industrial designer Jered Nijhof from Epe (Netherlands) has started Drain4You in 2007 after already developing the sucessfull QuickDrain.

The Drain4You linear walk-in shower drain is many times smaller and narrower than existing shower drains on the market, but can simultaneously handle as much water than its bigger brothers. Moreover, the Drain4You shower drin has a dry floor measurement which falls far down the by almost every manufacturer used NEN-1253 standard. Add to this a beautiful and unique design and you will come to the Drain4You - DESIGN showerdrain


Drain4You linear walk-in shower drains - Slim Design, Different Solution!

Drain4You by Jered

Drain4You - by Jered

"Slim Design , Different Solution " is what industrial designer Jered Nijhof stands for! The new Drain4You shower drain is to describe with these words. The new Drain4You shower drains have a contemporary and minimalist design fitting perfectly in new modern bathrooms with the round stainless steel Design Element. The Drain4You linear walk-in shower drain has a width of only 12 mm which is absolutely unique in the domestic market. In addition, the stainless steel Design Element, easily in height adjustable, makes it easy to use for flooring, tile floors or even natural stone floors .

In addition, the linear walk-in shower drain from Drain4You is easy to clean and and the Flow Tech valve/discharger prevents clogging of hairs making a hair filter absolutely redundant!


Drain4You walk-in shower drains - Slim Design, Different Solution!


Our Advantages


'Slim Design'

Drain4You walk-in linear shower drains are available in 2 models:
DESIGN walk-in shower drain Models, a unique designer walk-in shower drain of only 12 mm width available in lengths of 50 up to 200 cm (19.68 up to 78.74 Inch).
QUICK Models, the smallest 'conventional' walk-in shower drain available in the market of only 29 mm width m breed, available with a STANDARD or PLATE cover in lengths of 50 up to 120 cm (19.68 up to 47.24 Inch).

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Siphon redundant

The Drain4You shower drains are fitted with the revolutionary new Flow Tech dischargers, providing a high water discharge capacity of over 32 liters per minute.

Next to that, the Flow Tech discharger provides a 100% 'odor-free' solution in your bathroom where a conventional siphon causes bad odors when running completely dry after a certain period of non-usage.

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10 Years Waterproof Warranty!

Drain4You linear shower drains are available with pre-assembled Anti Leak sealing cloth. This guarantees a 100% watertight solution on and around the shower drain where most other shower drains without pre-assembled sealing cloth can cause leakage problems in the long run. We strongly recommend to choose for quality and reliability and to order your Drain4You shower drain with the pre-assembled sealing cloth!

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Lowest build-in depth of only 54 mm - DN50

Due to the unique design of the Drain4You shower drain and the use of the special Flow Tech discharger, our technicians have been able to develop the new shower drain with a build-in depth of only 54 mm with a DN 50 outlet, which is absolute unique in the market. This makes the Drain4You shower drain an ideal walk-in floor drain for new bathrooms and especially for renovating your walk-in shower bathroom.

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